Join me and together we can rule…

Sincerely hoping to assimilate you
Sincerely hoping to assimilate you

Hi, my name is Teddi Deppner. Second generation Trekkie, Browncoat, follower of Aslan and lover of second breakfast. I’ve gone through the Stargate, I’m bigger on the inside and Han shot first. In the so-called real world, I’ve been publishing websites and helping small businesses with Internet marketing since 1996. Recently, I’ve shifted my attention to making a living as an indie author.

I believe passionately that a little organization, direction and collaborative marketing can produce significant results. If you are an author or indie publisher, or even “just” a fan of speculative fiction, join us. Become part of the collective. We’re stronger together than apart.

If that sounds too “Borg” for you, know this: everything we do and recommend is completely voluntary. Participate when you can and when it seems like it makes sense. Our goal is to support and maximize your efforts, not add to your already overflowing cargo hold.

(And even though this all sounds super sci-fi, please also know that all speculative genres are welcome.)