Why we’re here

THE VISION: The #SpecFicCollective is a global network of authors, publishers and supporters who work together cooperatively and strategically to reach new readers and make lifelong fans in the speculative fiction genres (science fiction, fantasy, horror / paranormal, dystopian, steampunk, and more). SFC was founded by Teddi Deppner in 2015.

THE PREMISE: There are more than enough readers out there for every author. We can reach them more effectively together than apart. Working together in small teams, loose groups, and as an overall collective, we can connect readers with the books they’ll love and connect authors to their ideal fans.

THE PHILOSOPHY: Gather together in logical groups according to your sub-genre, your type of story, your personality. You may not click with everyone; don’t worry about it. Put your energies into working collaboratively with compatible creators. Not only will it help your business, but such like-minded cohorts may become friends for life.

Connect with like minds.
Do what you do best.
Delighted fans pay you to keep doing it.
Live happily ever after.