Author Toolbox: Mythcreants

Welcome to our second Author Toolbox entry. These posts will highlight resources that we’ve found helpful. Blogs, software, books and people who have something to offer authors. While we may spotlight some well-known resources, the focus at first will be things off the beaten author path or stuff that’s on the bleeding edge (that is, very new tech or ideas). And without further ado…

Author Toolbox: Mythcreants

We are not just any authors. We are that rare breed, that maverick species called speculative fiction writers. Science fiction, horror, fantasy and many odd niches like space opera western, ninja engineer steampunk and post-apocalyptic amish vampires. In space.

It is because we are strange, weird, peculiar, outlandish, unusual, bizarre and astonishing (yes, okay, fine, I used a thesaurus) that we may find it difficult to make friends. And find readers.

There are some common watering holes. #StarWars and #StarTrek are a good start, but honestly those places are getting crowded with muggles. Cross-pollinate your search with Doctor Who and Firefly and you’re on track to finding some cool peeps (not kidding – check out this Pinterest board, fill your chore or commute time with podcasts on spec fic topics or audio fiction, find spec fic geeks to hang with in Texas, and discover wonderful ways to empty your pocketbook).

But if you want to find the Mythcreants, you ought to include in your search Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Discworld, and don’t forget to include comics and RPGs.

What is “Mythcreants” and what’s it to do with us?

mythcreants-websiteFirst, let me introduce them to you in their own words.

Mythcreants is a blog for speculative fiction storytellers. To better understand and tell the stories we love, we analyze popular stories and explore techniques in writing, roleplaying, and worldbuilding. We’re here to provide entertainment, insight, and inspiration. The site is powered by about a dozen hard-working volunteers.

I have enjoyed their articles on writing and world-building and felt that their insights and online community are compatible with what we’re doing here at the #SpecFicCollective. As a Trekkie, I find their Star Trek articles both fun and insightful.

Most of all, I share Mythcreants with you because while there are many websites that teach the writing craft, there are fewer that discuss the finer points of speculative fiction world-building and storytelling. Also, one of the core strategies of the genre author in today’s market is connecting with others who might share a similar audience. Finding places where fans are talking about things you love is a great way to find others of like mind.

Enjoy! And if you have any favorite places that you go to discuss speculative fiction, drop a comment below and share it!