Winter Hiatus and PDF of Author Marketing Self-Assessment Analysis

The holidays and post-NaNoWriMo daze are upon us. Give yourself a break, relax with family and friends. Or if this is the time when you finally get quiet to yourself to write or plan for the coming year, browse through the posts you’ve been too busy to participate on and drop some comments on the blog or do the assignments.

Gifts from me to you

My first gift to you is to remove two weekly items from your inbox for the rest of December. I’ll be suspending posts until after the New Year.

self-assessment-analysis-pdf-thumbnailMeanwhile, for your convenience and as a bonus gift, here’s a link to download a printable version of the full author marketing self-assessment analysis (a 10-page PDF). Reading it in three separate posts is nice when you want bite-sized chunks, but printing it out for offline reading or future reference is handy, too.

A season of joy… and hope!

May all the hope and joy and peace of the season be yours.

And come December 18… I hope we all will enjoy the awakening of the Force! (Please, please, please be a good movie!)


Author: #SpecFicCollective

Teddi Deppner is an indie author, founder of the #SpecFicCollective and Associate Acquisitions Editor at Splickety Pub Group. You can connect with her on Twitter @teddideppner or on her Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Winter Hiatus and PDF of Author Marketing Self-Assessment Analysis”

  1. You said to share the results, so here goes… the nitty gritty bits anyway.

    Estimated completion of current WIPs at approx 500 words per day:
    – Mariah’s Prologues: 7 more by April
    – Naomi’s Journey (book 2): needs 20,000 words to finish, complete by July
    – Naomi’s Prologues: if doing 16, can be finished by October
    – CyberDublin (book 0): needs about 40,000 words, can be finished by next January.

    Career next steps / things I want to do:
    – All the writing noted above, and publish when ready
    – Put more free shorts on Wattpad, possibly other places
    – Post more Doctor Who fanfic to broaden personal reach, and investigate how to write for the BBC novel series
    – Video stories and book memes, for fun
    – Distill marketing strategy currently in use, keep only what works

    Greatest obstacles and their solutions:
    – Lack of time when work is on > there’s still always time for 500 words a day!
    – Distraction due to marketing > Limit web/FB browsing to enough for 3-4 pins/posts per day
    – Motivation > Daily walks help, and so do effective accountability partners.

    Any thoughts? See something I don’t?

    1. Great job, Grace! Love to see this aggressive plan.

      Oooh, writing for the DW BBC novel series would be amazing. Hope you make some inroads on that goal!

      One of the best things about this summary you posted: It’s short and sweet. You could post this on your bathroom mirror and have an at-a-glance reminder of where you’re going.

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