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Archive | December, 2015

Winter Hiatus and PDF of Author Marketing Self-Assessment Analysis

The holidays and post-NaNoWriMo daze are upon us. Give yourself a break, relax with family and friends. Or if this is the time when you finally get quiet to yourself to write or plan for the coming year, browse through the posts you’ve been too busy to participate on and drop some comments on the blog or do the assignments.

Gifts from me to you

My first gift to you is to remove two weekly items from your inbox for the rest of December. I’ll be suspending posts until after the New Year.

self-assessment-analysis-pdf-thumbnailMeanwhile, for your convenience and as a bonus gift, here’s a link to download a printable version of the full author marketing self-assessment analysis (a 10-page PDF). Reading it in three separate posts is nice when you want bite-sized chunks, but printing it out for offline reading or future reference is handy, too.

A season of joy… and hope!

May all the hope and joy and peace of the season be yours.

And come December 18… I hope we all will enjoy the awakening of the Force! (Please, please, please be a good movie!)



Author Toolbox: Daily Science Fiction

Fill up your Author Toolbox. These posts will highlight resources that we’ve found helpful. Blogs, software, books and people who have something to offer authors. This time, we spotlight a place to get your daily dose of science fiction — or to submit your short specfic stories.

Author Toolbox: Daily Science Fiction

I’ve been subscribed to the free daily fiction emails from Daily Science Fiction for a while now. The stories are the right length for a quick read while waiting for something, taking a break from work, or to read aloud to friends or family (I’ve actually shared Ten Things You’ll Only Get if You Were a 50’s Kid twice in the last three days, reading it aloud to my sister and mother-in-law, and passing my phone to a friend to read for herself while we were hanging out). The story quality is generally excellent and the stories just plain fun. Or disturbing. Or a little sad. Or all of the above.

Just as spec fic should be.

Daily Science Fiction screenshotDaily Science Fiction (DSF) greets us on their home page with the following description of what they do:

Original Science Fiction and Fantasy every weekday. Welcome to Daily Science Fiction, an online magazine of science fiction short stories. We publish “science fiction” in the broad sense of the word: This includes sci-fi, fantasy, slipstream– whatever you’d likely find in the science fiction section of your local bookstore. Our stories are mostly short short fiction (flash fiction) each Monday through Thursday, hopefully the right length to read on a coffee break, over lunch, or as a bedtime tale.

How does DSF apply to us?

Authors need to be reading in their genre. DSF provides easy, bite-sized stories to inspire and jog our imaginations. You can read the stories on their website or subscribe to the daily emails. On the website you can search or browse by topic. Another fun element is that after reading, you can rate the story by “rocket dragons”. Don’t ask me why, that just tickles my spec fic bone. They also publish anthologies of each year’s short fiction.

Authors need places to submit their work. DSF would be a great place to submit short stories or flash fiction.

Authors need other authors of like mind. When I find a story that resonates with me, I track down the author from their bio on DSF (when possible) and connect with them on social media. Sometimes these relationships develop into friendships and the opportunity to encourage each other and/or promote each others’ work (collaborative marketing!).

Sometimes, authors need places to advertise. DSF has a readership that loves speculative fiction and they offer ad spots on their website.

Do you have a place you go for free online speculative fiction? Post it in the comments below!